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Aeiforia srl is an university spin off that supports chemistry companies during the registration process, marketing, usage and control of agrochemicals.

Thanks to the results from the research in the agro-chemical sector, Aeiforia conducts environmental fate studies of agrochemicals in each compartment (groundwater, freshwater, soil, atmosphere) and human exposure to active substances and/or their metabolites, thus determining the conditions of safe use of these products.

The business idea came up in 2009, in the Agricultural Faculty of the “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” of Piacenza from a team of researches and entrepreneurs with a long research experience and a solid network both at national and international level.

Aeiforia helps to ensure regulatory compliance in terms of usage and control of the agrochemical products. In this way, our company ensures that the agrochemicals used have no harmful effect on human and animal health, and on the environment.



Emilio Roncoroni

MBA – Chairman

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Federico Ferrari PhD

Managing Director

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Elena Botteon MSc

Quality Assurance Officer

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Georgios Fragkoulis PhD

Senior ERA / Modelling Expert


Tommaso Ferrari MSc

Environmental Scientist

Field phase responsible

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Giorgia Fornasari MSc

Environmental Scientist

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Lucio Botteri PhD

Environmental Scientist


Nicola Ballerini MSc

Environmental Scientist

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Riccardo Rossi MSc

Environmental Scientist


Alice Tediosi PhD

European Projects Scientist

Gionata Preti bn.jpg

Gionata Preti

field and laboratory technician

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