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Field monitoring studies for pre and post-authorization of Plant Protection Products into the market in compliance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

  • Field leaching

  • Groundwater monitoring

  • Soil dissipation

  • Dislodgeable foliar residue

  • Surface water monitoring and fluvial ecosystem exposure assessment from local to basin scale

  • Runoff evaluation

  • Risk of contamination of surface and groundwater in paddy fields

  • Monitoring of PPPs concentration in air

  • Micrometeorological methods for air flux assessment

  • Operators (OPEX), bystanders and residents’ exposure assessment

  • Evaluation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) efficiency

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Environmental fate assessment for pre-authorization of chemical substances into the market using EU recognised predictive models

  • FOCUS Models up to Higher Tier Risk Assessment

  • PECs for rice crop MEDRICE / RICEWQ: Scenarios for Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal

  • Modelling and development of scenarios for the evaluation of ecotoxicological risk and environmental impact, substances flow analysis


Design and implementation of risk mitigation measures for a sustainable use of plant protection products

  • Development and application of protocols for sustainable use of PPPs in farms

  • Development and application of innovative endotherapic methods for control of pests in urban and natural areas

  • Development and evaluation of prophylactic/mitigation systems to prevent point and diffuse contaminations

  • Application and evaluation of wetlands

  • Development of Biobeds systems

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